A maid cafe…

Posted: March 21, 2018 by imkinkyandiblogtoo in Kinky
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Is it kind of weird that I want to go? They are cats appearing as humans and serve you. That is literally the coolest

If you are travelling to Japan and want to find out what this craze is all about – you can read up on it at wikipedia.

Can’t get to Japan any time soon?

Soothe your maid fantasy with this article on the coolest craziest place on Earth.

Service offerings: The key word here is “iyashi” — or “to be soothed.” Cure Maid offers the quintessential Victorian maid fantasy, though not in the sexualized sense of the anime and games featuring these characters. There is abundant greenery, classical music and respectfully distant maid service. The food is decent, and less conventional services may be offered during the cafe’s regular anime promotions.
Downside: Because maids do not break decorum and engage their masters in conversation, casual visitors might be a little bored.

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