Do you ask stupid questions?

Posted: March 17, 2018 in Funny, Kinky
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because I sure do! 😀


Wanna see some crazy shit? Of course you do.

Mehdi Sadaghdar is a crazy guy doing crazy shit on YouTube. He’s got a channel called ElectroBoom and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how he’s gonna go. There’s no doubt the guy is an idiot and I am surprised that he hasn’t actually died yet. But I still wax my vagina, so technically I’m crazy too.

Tips like, never handle a live wire – don’t put your hand in electrocuted water – don’t put electricity through a pencil – he’s teching science through stupidity! Check it out!

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It’s a smart people show for dumb people. I can prove this by the fact that I am a dumb person watching it and only find the jokes funny after looking up the science behind them.

hey guys, don’t mind me

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I just screwed your housemate and I totally just need a glass of water.

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Did you watch this star wars movie? I knew Rey was kinky from the first moment I saw her.

the best friendships?

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this is possibly true but probably not. i find the best friendships are those that are formed with people who love and respect you. except when there is alcohol involved. then it’s four bottles of wine and a fucking terrible headache.


What a beautiful game! Check out the highlights below!


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If you are wondering why our Fetlife about page is missing, it’s currently being held hostage.


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The kind of framing I love!

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I mean seriously, how hot is it to have your man between your thighs and loving you?